Praise for Expecting readers say:

  • “This book is fabulous. It wrestles with the weighty issue of abortion (among other politically current topics) with depth and grace. The main character, a teen girl named Sheila, lives in a world where abortion is illegal in her state and she is forced to carry to term her pregnancy by rape. Instead of sliding into easy, divisive platitudes about either side of the argument, Ms. Belle makes vivid the choices we all must make, not only about politics, but about who we are, and what we can understand about ourselves. The heroine is magnificent, her teen voice is carried through the book with pitch-perfect tone. I found myself laughing aloud at her precocious, yet very teen ways of seeing the world, which when that world includes the adult issues of politics and childbirth can make for novel viewpoints. I also laughed at how prescient the world Ms. Belle created is. But underneath that humor is a book with a big heart. I highly recommend you read this book, and then pass it to your children (or your book club). It’s sure to lead to meaningful discussion and a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the big issues underpinning our political dialogue, as well as the big issues inherent in growing-up.”
  • “A realistic work of fiction that manages to take a frightening political “what if” and spin it into a believable, entertaining and humorous page turner. Lula Belle takes us into a United States where Sarah Palin is president and Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Sheila, a witty and wise-beyond-her-years pregnant teen, takes the reader on her personal journey to find peace with her pregnancy while also helping another young girl in an even more heart-wrenching situation than her own. While written for young adults, the topics are sophisticated enough to keep an adult audience captivated.”
  • “Although the subject matter may be touchy for some, it is a necessary discussion for all mothers and daughters. Expecting is an an easy read about a difficult subject. The heroine is a loveable girl who finds herself in a tough situation, yet learns to make the best of it. She makes decisions that affect herself and her family and shows us a society that we can only hope we never have to see. The book is for adults as well as teens, I learned so much about the history of our country and it’s fight to govern a woman’s body. Mothers, do yourself a favor and have your daughters read this, it will answer questions they may have about their bodies, their fears, and their country.”
  • novel kept me up all night, and it ade me rethink politics, abortion, and pregnant teenagers. Before I read Expecting, if I saw a pregnant teen I’d think “she fooled around, she deserves it” but now I try to put myself in their shoes. They could’ve been raped (like Sheila), they could’ve been sexually abused by their own family members like Lucy was, or maybe they just don’t believe in abortion, which is fine. They’re people too, and no one needs to feel like they are being judged, especially since most people have no idea what pregnant teens have to go through.

    All in all, this book was a great read, and I’m looking forward to what Lula Belle will write next! :)

Young reader via her iPod:

  • “Yes, I did get to finish the book! It was GREAT! I did get kinda bored with the politics but it kept me reading! Iv already told my friends they should read it! And I think they r going to! Iv been meaning to email u and tell u but iv been super busy!! But yes the book was fantastic!”

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Goodreads Readers say:

  • “A sobering look at the possible state of the US in a Palin as president world. The story is told in the words of a young girl that finds herself pregnant and forced to have the baby. It was uncanny how Lula Belle seemed to predict some of the issues facing women today in regard to reproductive freedom. I would rate it as a must read for both women and men alike.”
  • “I loved this book! I laughed, cried, got pissed, and thought deeply on the issues in the book. I’ve passed it on to my teenage daughter. Expecting is an entertaining catalyst for many very important conversations I need to have with my daughter.”

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