Dani Alexis

By which, of course, I’m referring to the dismal decision to cast some random black cat as Buttercup, instead of the adorable, sweet, innocent yellow tabby I totally pictured him as.  Why did the producers have to make all the good cats black?  Not gonna lie, kinda ruined the movie.


If the above joke makes no sense, you’ve probably been spared the racist kerfluffle that followed the opening of the film version of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, the oh-so-popular YA novel in which 22 teenagers die horribly and the ones that get to live try not to die inside for getting to live.  (If you get the “joke” but it is not funny to you, you are probably a human being.)

The book made it onto the American Library Association’s 2010-2011 Frequently-Challenged Books list for, among other things, having no moral lesson whatsoever other than “if you…

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