Welcome to my blog. My name is Lula Belle and I am getting ready to release my book, Expecting, very soon. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for where to buy Expecting in the coming weeks.

Here’s the synopsis of Expecting:

Expecting: a novel         Sheila Martin has always known how to take care of herself and what she wants out of life. But with a hyper-religious, controlling mother, and a browbeaten, emotionally distant father, Sheila’s desire to become an international pop star (just like Lady Gaga) is the exact opposite of what her parents want for her. One night, Sheila lies to her parents so she can go to a party where something terrible happens to her with consequences that will change her life—and theirs—forever.

         Suddenly, Sheila finds herself at the center of the nationwide debate on reproductive freedom in an alternate-reality America where Sarah Palin is president and Roe v. Wade has been repealed. At the same time, Sheila must navigate the changing relationships with her friends and family as an unwanted pregnancy threatens to tear all of them all apart. Luckily, Sheila’s boyfriend, who has problems of his own, sticks by her side through her trials and tribulations with religion, pregnancy, and her growth as a politically minded young woman.

         Sheila is forced to confront the complicated and troubled relationship with her mother as she learns that the secrets of the past have a way of haunting the future, that no decision is ever black and white, and that in order to truly love, she must also learn to forgive.

          “A sharp, satisfying exploration of some of today’s most controversial topics.” —Kirkus Reviews

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