About Lula Belle

Lula Belle has been a band-member, a janitor, a bartender, a baker, and, always, a writer. At 28, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English Literature, with distinction. Since then, she has tried to continue to live with distinction. Expecting is her first novel; she’s working on her second. When she’s not writing, she is probably vacuuming.

Most recently Lula Belle has been excerpted on  Feminist.com and blogged for TheFrisky.com and On The Issues.com

For more information contact Lula Belle: LulaBelleAuthor@gmail.com

All of Lula Belle’s original work (prose and poetry) is copyrighted material © 2011 Lula Belle

2 thoughts on “About Lula Belle

  1. Hi Lula Belle,
    I much enjoyed your writing on-website and thought your ‘Prince’ piece was hellaciously good. I mean very good. I was in a knuckler relationship, years ago, and just never had the heart to write anything about it. Kudos to you that you did…I read line by line thoroughly engrossed as in a deja vu experience. wow.
    I want to say more but winds are disturbing my wifi signal right now. My email, nancimac99@gmail.com…. Nancy McGovern, sometimes known as mamaotis (a wild cottontail rabbit I used to feed and just loved). Thanks for replying to my Mojo comment and hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Nancy,
      I just emailed you. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your compliment. It was such an awakening moment for me when I realized that what was happening back then was not unique or original–your response is more confirmation of that. Hope you’re staying safe and away from “knuckles” for good. xo

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